About Google’s update of 4th October 2013

Google’s latest update, Penguin 5 (AKA Penguin 2.1) was aimed at removing low quality, spammy sites from the results pages. It specifically targeted low quality links and paid links. It appears to have affected around 1% of Google queries.

If your website was hit by this update, there will be a marked decrease in traffic either from the day of the update or from the next day – check your website statistics.

SEO experts advise that if your website has been affected by this update, the only way to bring its ranking up again is to remove all poor quality links and work at improving the quality of your website information, paying special attention to your external links – your website links MUST be relevant to your business/subject and should aim to give further useful information.

It is worth mentioning that this update was run as a ‘filter’, ie it is not running constantly in contrast with ‘algorithm updates’ which bring permanent changes to Google searches. So, if you need to take some action, do it as soon as you can and you’ll need to wait for the next time Google runs this type of ‘filter’ to see any improvement in your rankings.

We all value finding good quality information on the websites we visit – I hate following poor links which are just a waste of my time, don’t you?! This time again, Google is taking another step towards dropping poor quality/spammy websites from their search results.