Exciting New Domain Name Extensions in 2014!

Some big changes are about to hit the way we use domain names: hundreds of new domain name extensions will become available during 2014!

New Domain Name Extensions
The governing body which regulates the Domain Name System (ICANN) has approved the introduction of over a thousand brand new domain extensions. This will open many new naming opportunities and will make it easier to find the perfect domain name for your business or project.

Examples of the new domain name extensions which will soon be available for registration include:
and many, many more!

The choice of domain names will be greatly extended, from the current domain extensions (TLD – Top Level Domains) such are ‘.co.uk’, ‘.com.’ ‘.net’, ‘.org’, ‘.biz’, ‘.fr’ etc (which will remain available) to include the new ones (which will be known as gTLDs – Global Top Level Domains).

These new domain name extensions are not immediately available for registration but it is likely a number of these will become officially available for pre-registration in the next few months.
The indications are that the process will provide trademark owners with a minimum of 30 days to register their trademark. After that, the new gTLDs will become available for purchase by anyone.

Information about costs of these new gTLDs hasn’t yet been released but it is thought that they will vary according to desirability – as you would expect!

More Domain Name Extensions News!
Nominet, the governing body for UK domain names, announced early December that from summer 2014, ‘yourdomain.uk’ domain names will be available to register, alongside the existing ‘yourdomain.co.uk’. The definitive launch date will be announced in February 2014.

Existing ‘co.uk’, ‘org.uk’, ‘me.uk ‘etc. domain name owners will be offered first rights to register and buy the equivalent .uk domain name. In cases where there are two domain name owners for the same name such as one who has registered the’ co.uk’ and another the ‘org.uk’, Nominet will be giving first refusal for the new ‘.uk’ domain name to the ‘.co.uk’ registrant.

These changes will provide a much larger choice of domain names and are likely to provide some great marketing opportunities for businesses!

Happy 2014!