Web Design: Making Information Accessible

The primary purpose of a website is to give information. However, if the information isn’t organised logically and labelled clearly, it probably will not get read –  most of us web-users   don’t like wasting time thinking too long deciding where to click next, so the next website in our search could be our next click!

The first step towards achieving a well organised website is to take time and think carefully about all the information we want to give to our website visitors.

The second step is to divide this information into logical chunks, starting with the main sections (pages). When a large amount of information is given, it is appropriate to use an ‘inversed pyramid’ style, ie top-level pages should contain the more general information and link to sub-levels pages giving more extensive information on more specific aspects of the main topic .

Web pages should ideally have a 400-450 word-count, for two reasons:

  1. This is thought a reasonable amount of text to include enough keywords related to the topic of a page so that search engines can index the page.
  2. In most cases, this is enough text to give sufficient information on the more general aspect of a topic. Further/deeper information can then be given by linking to other (sub) pages with more detailed information on specific aspects of the main subject.

Once the bulk of the information has been organised in sections, it is useful to draw a wireframe or diagram to see how all these sections are going to be connected: clear menus are an essential part of any website – a page/section which is difficult to find will not receive many visits!

For more articles and tips about website design, visit Woodham Web Writer’s Clients’ Resources page.

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